7 Grooming Secrets from Personal Trainers

Men Work on your Dressing Sense

It is a common saying that “First impression is the last Impression” that we hear sometimes in our daily routine. It is yet a saying but absolutely true. A lot of things matter and depends on your first impression. So, personal grooming and enhancing one’s personality is very much important and plays a vital role in one’s life.

It is a myth that grooming is meant only for females and not for males. But it is wrong as every individual needs to present himself/herself in a desired manner and every person wants to look good, fresh and clean. So, every men also has some possible reasons for their self- grooming. Every individual has to make an effort to make himself/ herself look good in front of others in such a competitive world today.

Here are 7 Grooming Secrets from Personal Trainers

Keep your Hairs Trimmed Properly

Keep your Hairs Trimmed Properly

Some men likes to keep their hair long but you should trim them frequently and properly so that it doesn’t look messy. So, you should find a good hair dresser who can give you proper advice regarding which type of haircut will suit you and which does not. And don’t switch to hair dressers frequently. First try out a few hair dressers and make sure which one is best for you.

Shave Appropriately

Men Shave Appropriately

Some men like to keep a big beard and mustaches. It depends on an individual’s choice whether to keep long beard or not. But, you should trim the edges of your beards and get them into the desired shape on a regular basis. You should shave your beard properly before going for an important meeting or some other important work.

Use Deodorants, Perfumes that are Mild

Men Deodorants, Perfumes

Avoid using strong perfumes, deodorants that may be allergic to someone. So, try to smell good by avoiding applying too strong perfumes or deo.


Work on your Dressing Sense

Men Work on your Dressing Sense

Wear only those clothes that fits you easily. Your clothes should be neat and clean, should be ironed properly. Your dressing sense can leave an impression on one’s mind so carry yourself with a neat and clean and well fitted dress.

Avoid Wearing Tattered Shoes

Men Avoid Wearing Tattered Shoes

One of the most typical idea of judging a men’s standard is by noticing their shoes. So, you have to be more careful in choosing your shoes. Don’t wear tattered shoes. Your shoes must be properly polished. Apply foot powder in order to prevent from bad smelling of your shoes and socks.

Correct Gesture and Posture

Correct Gesture and Posture

Your gesture and posture of the body are very important aspect in grooming one’s personality. You can work on your posture by doing some yoga, exercises. Correct gesture is equally important when you meet anyone in person. Your firm handshake will tell about how much confident you are on yourself. You should take care of your body by exercising and having a balanced diet in order to look good.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

If you are addicted to drinking and smoking, please stop doing so as it is not good for health and will adversely affect your personality. You can drink or smoke occasionally. So, these are the some common tips that every men should follow for grooming themselves.

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