The Best Workouts For Weight Loss

Obesity and being over-weight is a most common problem that people suffer these days especially in eastern countries. However, changing your lifestyle and doing some workouts will ensure you with slim and lean body that will not only guarantee you the good health but will also increase your self-confidence. One thing you have to remember is that to achieve something, you will have to work out of your comfort zone and with consistency. To get the maximum results, you will have to take proper diet and it is always best to go for greens. However, everyone wants some special workout plans that provide them with maximum results in minimum time. So here are some weight loss workouts that will stun you by their mind-blowing results.

Cardio Workout:

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One thing that everybody knows about weight loss is that it is a game of metabolism. The more metabolic rate you will have, the more fat will get burnt and more slimmer you will look. Thus try to opt for all exercises and workouts that increase your metabolism. You can increase your metabolic level by adding this little twist to your regular light workouts. What you need to do is, have high intensity physical activities or workouts (like running, skipping, cycling and elliptical session) at regular intervals during your walk. This will set you metabolic rate at higher level and then it will take hours to reset it at original rate.

If you walk for 30 minutes daily, try adding a portion of jog 30 seconds after every 5-minute interval to elevate your metabolism. Keep increasing the time of intense exercise to get better results.


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Swimming is one of the easiest workouts anyone can perform. One hour of swimming can burn 653 calories. Just swim for 1 hour in pool and you will clearly see the difference in your fitness level without performing any hectic physical activity, sweating or causing injury to joints. Different swimming strokes can help you to get numerous types of aerobic exercises.


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Cycling is also a sort of best and fun weight loss workouts. You can reach your office or some other destination like shopping mall by bicycle instead of separately spending time to it. Cycling would be more like a fun if done in competitive manner or done with a friend. It not only stretches your limb muscles but it also lets you to enjoy natural beauty outside your house. You can burn 508 calories per hour by cycling.


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Jogging is one of the simplest full body workouts. You don’t necessarily need to go to some restricted place like gym for weight loss workouts. You can run in some open grassy ground or on walking track. Moreover, no equipment is needed if you want to run or jog; you will only need a good pair of shoes and anaim to get slim.But don’t rush the things out of your capacity. Start walking at moderate speed and for small distance and then gradually increase the distance and speed. You can burn 435 calories per hour by jogging.

By following these tips you can easily get the desired results for which you are working hard. But the condition is to work with efforts and with consistent motivation. Without these two, it seems harder to achieve your goals.

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